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T15 Underdogs Formula Record:
2024 Season:
+0.00 units
(1 unit per play)

2023 Season:
+38.56 units
(1 unit per play)

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We offer winning MLB statistical formulas that we have developed through our research to predict the outcomes of Major League Baseball games. Our proprietary formulas utilize unique methodologies for coming up with MLB picks and predictions.

By putting in key filters which eliminate particular games from consideration, and by utilizing our unique ratings system for each of the 30 MLB teams, our MLB underdog formulas have had impressive long-term results. The beauty of playing underdogs in Major League Baseball is that we can hit less than 50% and make a very good profit.

Our MLB underdog formulas offer regular value propositions on less favored teams. The formulas utilize sophisticated statistical analysis and filtering techniques. Our advanced metrics give us a realistic chance at being a long term winner in Major League Baseball games.

Special Reports - Tips for Winning:

  • MLB Underdog Win Percentage
  • MLB Betting System for MLB Underdog Picks

  • "Unreal...the # of units you're up has to be
    some sort of record...Impressive stuff...continued success."
    - Scott Van Pelt, ESPN SportsCenter Anchor

    "...congrats on devising a winning approach to baseball...
    certainly a formula based on dogs is most impressive..."
    - Buzz Daily, Players Guide to Las Vegas Sportsbooks

    "You have the goose that lays the golden egg..."
    - Guy West, Managing Director, OZmium Ltd.

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